February 19th, 2011, 10:32 am


Have a character? Want him/her to be part of End? Its easy! Just do the following:

1.PM Zack-The-Great (me) with a link to a sprite of your character, and his info. (Yes, you character must have sprites.)

2.Wait for a response.

3. A. If accepted, you may apply to be co-author, but you may NOT post any comics. However you may contact me with what you want your character to do next in the story, if you don't contact me, I will have your character interact with the story however I see fit according to the information you gave me.

B. If denied, you may re-apply. However you must wait one week before re-applying. I will tell you why I denied you and how you can get your application accepted next time.

-Being a recolor or minor edit will NOT bar you from acceptance. (However, if you are an invert or your recolor is terrible (example no shading), this is nullified and acceptance is not guarantied)
-Your character must not be related to any character that's not made by another member (Example Sonic, Shadow, Link, Kirby, etc.)
-If your character is related to a character that is made by a member, you must have WRITTEN permission to have you character related to theirs, and yes I WILL contact them on that as well.
-Your character must NOT. BE. A. GODMOD.

Any who, I am very eager to see you in our comic very soon! :D


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